• Levi Gold

    In Levisuites Levi Gold apartments you'll enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of Levi. And you could not be more centrally located.

  • Levin Klubi

    In Levin Klubi apartments you may enjoy an active holiday with a taste of luxury. Your apartments are located right next to skiing tracks and slopes, only 4 km from the center.

  • Unna Mànnu

    In Levi Suites Unna & Mànnu you'll live right at the heart of Levi. Scandinavian style design apartments provide a perfect starting point for you Levi holiday.

Warm welcome to Levi Suites! 

Three unique apartment hotels with 100 apartments to choose from!

Levi Suites Unna Mànnu and Levi Suites Levi Gold are located right in the center of Levi. All the services are within walking distance and the main ski lift is only 100 metres away.

Levi Suites Levin Klubi is the place for an active holiday. These ski-in ski-out apartments are also a great place to hunt northern lights. And in the summer time you may start your golf round almost from your door step.



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Enjoying the autumn Sunday and colours by the fire.
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Levi Suites
World Cup Levi
I just love these news 💖🌨❄
Let's celebrate the first snow of the season!! ❄️❄️❄️ #welcometowinter
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Kate Wetherell Ben Wetherell -it's started snowing for us!! 🌨☃️Pia Arolaakso Siitä se lähtee. . .Catherine Smith Wesley, this is exciting! Levi Suites
Kouta Kuva
Absolutely magnificent photos from Immeljärvi by Kouta Kuva 😍
Immeljärvi näytti kauneutensa aamuyön tunteina.
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Check who decided to join the Ruskamaraton today! #levilapland #levisuites #levisuites_lapland #ruskamaraton #leviskiresort levisuites_lapland
Katsokaas mikä vetää Ruskamaratonilla vasemmalta ohituskaistaa pitkin! 😂 Porohan se siellä tulla jolkotteli meidän juomapisteelle juoksijoiden joukossa!

Check out the "guy" on the right. He decided to participate the Ruskamaraton :). #levisuites #levisuites_lapland #leviskiclub #ruskamaraton #levilapland
Hannu Kanniainen Juostiin kimpassa muutama sata metriä. Loikalla tuli pyörätien kaiteen yli porukan mukaan 😍 Levi Suites
Jippii! Joko kohta mäkeen? Saattaapi tulla hienoja ruskan värejä muuten ennen sitä.

Ulalalaa...Where are my skiis? Winter is getting a bit closer every day. But the minus degrees also predict beautiful ruska colours.
Levi Suites