Covid19 info

Let’s make your holidays safe, together!

Updated. 4.1.2021

Dear guest,

We are happy to have you here with us. We want to do our best to prevent Covid19 to spread. Because of this, we follow the following guidelines.


We recommend loading the KoronaVilkku-application from koronavilkku.fi

Wear a mask

          Please wear a mask inside public places (stores, cafes, rental shops etc)

Key pick up and check out

During reception opening hours

If you arrive within opening hours, we hope that only one from your group visits the reception for check in. Please follow safety distance while visiting reception

Outside reception hours

Keys are picked up from our reception corridor with a code, address Mariankuja 6 C. You’ll receive the code to the door by email or by SMS

When checking out, you may leave the keys to your apartment. Please remember to close the doors and windows


During your holiday, we hope that you will primarily contact us via phone (calling, Whatsapp, SMS) or by email.
Our receptionist is at the reception, if you would need help.

Whatsapp: +358 401353658
Phone: +358 207 669 850
Email: info@levisuites.fi

Our reception hours are found from our site www.levisuites.fi

Cleaning and laundry taken care by professionals

Our cleaning is taken care by N-clean Ltd professional cleaning company. They follow the guidelines of the government to prevent Covid19 to spread. Extra measures are done in our cleaning processes.

Our laundry is washed by Comforta, which is part of international Lindström Group. They follow the EN 14065 EU-Standard in all their service centers. This standard is followed also in health cares laundry services. Comforta offers this hospital quality laundry service also for hotel textiles to guarantee best possible hygiene levels.


If you would need maintenance to visit you during your holiday, please contact us. We’ll try arrange a time for them to visit your apartment, while you are visiting the beautiful Levi village. This way we may keep the safety distance.

Lifts and corridors

We recommend using stairs to keep the safety distance.
Please avoid spending time at the corridors to keep the safety distance.

Do you think you might have contracted the Covid19?

If you suspect that you might have Covid19 please contact us or Kittilä health care center by phone.
Kittilä healtcare center, Covid19 emergency line +358 400 356 498.

Do not spread the virus by visiting reception or healt care center or Pihlajalinna Medical Center. Please call us or to number above for more information how to act.

Please contact us if you get a positive corona test result during your holiday or right after your holiday. This way we may act according our guidelines and make the holiday for other guests also as safe as possible.

More information about covid19 situation in Lapland: www.koronaturvallinenlappi.fi

More information about border traffic: www.raja.fi/en