Booking conditions

Making a booking and payment

The individual making the booking must be an adult. There must be at least one adult person accompanying under-aged guests.

Booking is guaranteed by paying the advance deposit. Advance deposit is 30% of the total amount of the reservation, unless otherwise stated and it is charged at the time of the booking. If the arrival is less than 60 days at the time of the booking, the total amount will be charged at the time of the booking. 

The rest of the total amount is paid 45 days before arrival. You will receive a payment link via email for placing the payment online. In case of invoicing the final invoice will be send by email and is due 45 days before arrival. Invoicing fee is 8 euros/invoice. 

When a customer makes an online booking, the customer accepts these booking and cancellation conditions. Levi Suites has the right to cancel the booking if the payments are not paid by the due date. Leaving the invoice unpaid is not regarded as being a valid cancellation.



Cancellations must always be made in writing (email, letter) to Levi Suites Ltd. 

If the customer cancels the booking with at least 45 days before arrival, the advance payment will be refunded, deducted with a cancellation fee of 65 euros. If there are several accommodation units in the reservation cancellation fee is charged per unit. 

If the price for the single accommodation destination totals EUR 2500 or more, or the period of stay is four (4) weeks or longer, any cancellation made will cause the loss of the advance payment (30%). 

If the customer cancels the booking with later than 45 days before to arrival, the total accommodation price will be charged. 

The booking is not automatically cancelled if the invoice is not paid by the due time. The cancellation will be regarded as being received at the time the information of the cancellation in question has reached Levi Suites. If the customer can verifiably show that the written cancellation has been made and sent to the correct address within the correct time frame, the cancellation will be accepted.

In case of a sudden illness / injury / death of a close relative or your travel party that might lead to a cancellation, you need to make sure that your travel insurance will cover the costs of the booking. Even in such cases our booking conditions are as mentioned above. We recommend our guests to have a travel insurance in case of an emergency or unexpected incidents.


Rights for Levi Suites Ltd to cancel a booking

In cases of force majeure, or other cases outside the control of Levi Suites Ltd. (e.g. fire or water damage), Levi Suites Ltd may cancel the booking. In this case the customer is entitled to receive a full reimbursement of all payments made for the accommodation booking. Levi Suites Ltd has the right to cancel the booking if the payments concerning the booking are not paid by the due date.


Handover of keys

Key pick up is from Levi Suites reception in the center of Levi, address Mariankuja 6 C. Please note, that keys for all three apartment hotels are picked up from the center. Please contact our reception about your arrival time. For late arrival, you will receive a key code to our reception corridor. 

Levi Suites Ltd is entitled to charge costs incurred for the replacement of lost keys. In case of a lost key card and opening apartment doors outside reception hours, the charge is 60 euros.


Staying at the accommodation

The apartment is at the disposal of the customer from 5pm on the day of the arrival. On the departure day, check out is at 11am.

The accommodation rates include bed clothes (pillows and blankets), dinner ware, water and electricity, toilet paper, and final cleaning. Cleaning the apartment during the stay is taken care by the customer. 

If you would like to have extra cleaning during your stay, please contact the reception during its opening hours the day before you wish to have the cleaning. Extra cleanings are possible with extra charge.

The maximum number of persons specified for the accommodation in the destination description must not be exceeded. The regular temperature for the apartment is 20-22.

Smoking is strictly forbidden inside all apartments. You may smoke on the balcony or at the terrace. If smoking has taken place in the apartment, we charge cleaning costs (min. 300 euros). Pets are not allowed in the apartments. Levi Suites accepts no responsibility for any allergic symptoms or other problems incurred by its customers from unauthorised smoking or animals.

To ensure comfort of all guests there is silence in the hotel at 10pm – 7am. During this time any loud or noisy behavior must be avoided. 

After check out we expect the apartment to be in a condition seen after regular usage, i.e. the furniture and fittings are intact and in their correct places, bins taken out and dirty dishes done. You may leave the dishwasher on. The charge for cleaning that takes longer than normally is min. 100 euros.

Levi Suites Ltd is not responsible for any items left by the customer at the apartment. 



Mahdollisista vahingoista on ilmoitettava välittömästi hotellille. Asiakas on velvollinen korvaamaan lomakohteelle tai sen irtaimistolle aiheuttamansa vahingot suoraan kohteen omistajalle.


Termination of the rental agreement in cases of faults, breakdowns and compromised safety

If the customer fails to stop causing disturbance or danger to others in the same or neighbouring property, despite notice from Levi Suites or its representative, Levi Suites Ltd or its representative has the right to terminate the rental agreement with immediate effect. All costs incurred from the above mentioned measures will be charged from the customer. Levi Suites Ltd does not pay any refund for the terminated rental agreement. 


Right to correct errors in price information

The hotel has the right to correct incorrect price data before making the agreement. After the agreement is made, the hotel has a right to change the rate only if there is a change in taxes or public charges. 



All remarks and complaints to be made on the facilities and condition of the accommodation must be made as soon as such become apparent and addressed directly to Levi Suites Ltd. If the customer does not contact Levi Suites to inform of any possible deficiencies, the right of the customer to receive possible compensation is waived. If the matter in question does not receive satisfactory rectification during the customer’s stay, written information pertaining to such must be sent to Levi Suites Ltd no later than one week from the end of the rental period. If the customer and Levi Suites Ltd fail to reach an understanding for the rectification of the matter, the customer may file a complaint with the The Consumer Disputes Board for resolution. 

Levi Suites Ltd is not liable to pay compensation for any problems caused by natural conditions, insects, voles, unexpected change in the weather, construction work on a neighbouring properties, or for problems caused by any third party (e.g. interruptions in the supply of water, electricity or television services) that potentially incur damages or costs for the customer.

The apartments have free Wi-Fi. Possible interruptions or problems occurring with these internet connections must be immediately informed to Levi Suites. Levi Suites Ltd e will not issue reductions in the accommodation rate due to problems related to the functioning of the internet connection.



The parties shall endeavor to settle any disputes on the contract through negotiation.
If no agreement is reached, disputes will be settled in The Consumer Disputes Board or in The District Court of Lapland. The contract is governed by the Finnish law. 

We are happy to help you with any questions.