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Welcome to Levin Klubi

Levi Suites Levin Klubi is active apartment hotel situated in Levi golf area, next to Northeast slopes and the first snow cross country skiing track. If you require any assistance or service which is not listed here please do not hesitate to contact reception. Note that most of the additional services are available only during the reception opening hours. Welcome to explore your apartment hotel.


Levi Suites Oy
+358 207 669850

When Sales office is closed, phone calls are taken by Securitas security and key service.
Reception Whatsapp +358 40 135 3658 (9.00 -17.00)
Reception address Mariankuja 6 C.

Emergency number

Medical Center Pihlajalinna
+358 10 312 141

Emergency care without appointment

Medical Center Bene
+358 400 808 804

Winter season only

Visit Levi
+358 16 639 3300
Tourist information centre

Taxi 24h
+358 200 99800

Levi-Kittilän Taksit Oy

+358 200 99200

Lähitaksi Levi


Operating instructions for the appliances in the apartments are found in this folder. Please inform the reception immediately about any malfunctions or shortcomings in the appliances.


Since we don’t have a restaurant in our apartment hotel, we do not have breakfast included in our rates.

However, if you wish to have breakfast in your apartment, it can be delivered by a local catering company. Please contact reception to request catering availability well in advance. Please note there is a minimum charge for 4 persons.

Alternatively, many nearby hotels offer buffet breakfasts. You may pay for these directly at the respective hotels.


Check-out is until 11.00 AM on the day of your departure. If you wish to have a late check-out please contact the reception, this is upon availability for additional fee.

Final cleaning is included in the price of the apartment. For the final cleaning we expect the apartment to be in normal, tidy condition (furniture and equipment intact and in correct places, garbage taken in the containers outside, dishes done). If the apartment is left in a poor state we charge an additional cleaning fee depending on the extra time spent on cleaning.

You may leave your keys on the table of your apartment. Please make sure that all the doors and windows are closed when you leave.

Cleaning, bedlinen, towels

Final cleaning, bedlinen and towels are included in the price of the apartment. Please note that one set bed linen and towels one set per guest are included, extras are for additional fee. For the final cleaning we expect the apartment to be in normal, tidy condition. If the apartment is left in a poor state we charge an additional cleaning fee depending on the extra time spent on cleaning.

If you would like to have an extra cleaning, this is available with extra charge. Please contact reception for the price and availability.

Extra towels, extra bedlinen, bath robes and slippers are available for additional charge, please request this from reception during the opening hours.

Extra towel 6€
Set of extra bed linen 15€

Fire Alarm System

In case of fire, please ensure your exit out of the building. The apartment is equipped with an automatic fire alarm system that alerts the regional alarm-center directly. Only a fire brigade officer is authorized to turn off the alarm.

Please, under any circumstances do not try to turn off the alarm in your apartment – touching the sensors in the ceiling may trigger an additional alert or break the device. In this case the guest is liable to compensate the costs.

Smoke caused by cooking etc. may trigger the fire alarm. To avoid unnecessary alerts please make sure that you ventilate the apartment immediately in case of cooking etc. smoke.

Please remember that smoking is prohibited in the whole building.

Fireplace – Penthouse apartment

Firewood has been delivered to the apartment enough to last through your stay. You will find more firewood from the storages on the Penthouse corridor. 

You will find an instruction sheet near the fireplace, please read it carefully before using the fireplace. Please remember to turn on the fireplace hoover.

  • Open the damper before using the fireplace and let it be open a few minutes before lighting the fire.
  • Open the lower hatch below the fireplace.
  • Turn off the cooking ventilation above the stove.
  • Turn on the fireplace hoover near the fireplace.
  • In the beginning, do not use much firewood.
  • Never leave the fire unattended.
  • Do not close the smoke damper before the embers are completely extinguished.

Internet Access

Wireless internet access is available in all rooms and the lobby, free of charge.
Name of the network: Levin Klubi
Password: guest456

Key cards

Please keep your key card safe. Extra charge for opening the door after reception hours is 60 €. Key service is operated by Securitas, you can reach them after reception hours from reception number +358 207 669 850.

Luggage storage

Luggage storage is available by contacting reception. Please note that the service is available only during the reception opening hours.

Parking and electric cars

Parking in Levin Klubi is free of charge. There is a limited number of parking places available. Please only take one parking place per apartment. Charging stations located in front of the building are accessible for an additional fee.

How do you register as user of Parking Energy

  1. Register as a service user with the Parking Energy application, which can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store. (The application can be found in application stores by searching for Parking Energy”) 
  2. Add your contact information and payment method 
  3. If your car’s electricity consumption is paid by a company (benefit of a company car or your own company), remember to register the company’s payment information including the VAT number. 

Using the QR-code: 

  1. Open the application 
  2. Press the ’home’ symbol in lower left corner (house symbol) 
  3. Choose ”Scan QR-code to charge” 
  4. Read the QR-code from the chosen side of the charging station using the application. 
  5. Connect the charging cable. 

Customer Service for Parking Energy

Contact info: +358 40 052 8166 (weekdays 7.00-21.00 and weekends 8.00-21.00)


The recycling point is found in front of the building. You may recycle glass, metal, biowaste and combustible waste in the apartments. More detailed information later in this folder.

Room temperature

The apartment temperature is set to 20-22⁰C. You can adjust temperature by using the thermostats in the radiators and ventilation from the kitchen hoover. The apartment does not have cooling air conditioning.

Silence and disturbing behaviour

For the comfort of all our guests please notice that there is silence in the apartments from 10.00 PM until 7.00 AM. During this time any loud or noisy behaviour must be avoided. If necessary, police (112) or security service Securitas +358 207 669 850 can be called to control disturbing behaviour.

Charge for the night security visit due to disturbing behaviour is 100€ plus additional costs caused to the hotel.

Ski Storage and Gym room

Ski lockers and ski maintenance room are located in the basement. You may reach them with a lift from the entrance hall. You are free to choose a free ski locker. You´ll find the key from the ski room. Please return the key to the same place before checking out. In the basement, you will also find a small gym area available to our guests free of charge.


Smoking is prohibited in the apartments and corridors. If smoking has taken place in the apartment, we will charge additional cleaning costs, min 300 €. Smoking is allowed only on balconies, keep the balcony door closed.

Water and water consumption

Tap water in Levi is excellent, you can drink it without worrying! As part of our environment policy, we have limited our water flow in the tabs as well as use ECO-shower heads to reduce water consumption.